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Tutoring Oshawa
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Our Philosophy

Sonja Turner-McKay is sensitive to the uniqueness of each student and aware that not all students learn the same way or at the same rate. She has been dedicated to providing the best tutoring at an affordable price since 1997. Sonja believes in a "traditional" education emphasizing the basics of reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics first. She is firm in the knowledge that a strong foundation in the basics will serve students best in all other endeavors. Building strong relationships with students and their families has resulted in students returning year after year. This type of trust cannot be bought.

The results speak for themselves as one parent wrote, "Sonja has been both a piano teacher and tutor for my kids for many years. I would never dream of taking them to anyone else. Sonja is very accommodating, knowledgable, and adjusts her lessons to make it fun for each individual." (Shelly W.)

Another parent summed it up with, "My daughter has been studying piano with Sonya Turner for over a year. Sonya is a wonderful teacher who instructs with a perfect balance of warmth and encouragement as well as discipline and direction. It is incredible to see how quickly a young person can learn to play an instrument when they enjoy the lessons, when they are instilled with a work ethic to try hard and practice often, and most importantly, when they are taught by a teacher who is dedicated and professional. Sonya is that teacher. (Shaun Gillespie, OPP officer)

Tutoring Oshawa