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Tutoring Oshawa
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What is taught?

Language Arts: Reading Comprehension, creative writing, report writing, grammar, spelling, and organizational skills.

Mathematics: Course material used is strong due to its spiral nature, i.e. consistently reviewing previously learned concepts through practice exercises while learning new concepts. Students may also bring math from school to clarify, however, there may be gaps in learning which will require remediation.

Reading Therapy:  Private, one-to-one tutoring using the SMT method (Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching) published by the Canadian Dyslexia Centre. SMT is a language re-education program based upon the highly acclaimed Orton-Gillingham method. The use of all the modalities, visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic, increases neurological pathway stimulation necessary for language processing. This method is systematic and cumulative which is important for retention.(2-3 hours per week strongly recommended)

SMT remediation includes:

- the sequential alphabet, and alphabetical order
- phonemic awareness (sound-letter integration)
- auditory sequential memory
- visual sequential memory
- spelling
- cursive handwriting
- phonetic word-attack skills
- oral and written communication
- listening comprehension
- grammar and phonics rules

Other Programs

Assistance for Police and Firefighters exams - Many students need a math refresher course since calculators are not permitted. Syllogisms and word problems are other areas which often require clarification and practice. Several candidates have successfully passed after receiving help from Sonja. It is recommended that the student wait to schedule the exam until he/she has been adequately prepared.  

Essay writing - Students can have their essay proofread and be shown how to improve it, or we can start from the beginning developing a thesis.

Vocabulary development - Speaking English is different than writing English. Students learn how to improve their writing by building vocabulary.

Homework assistance - All subjects to grade 9 academic, or grade 10 applied.

Tutoring Oshawa