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We are delighted with the success of our clients.
Here's what some had to say:

Police Candidates

Just thought I'd let you know that I passed the PATI. Thanks again for all your help. I've given your number out to a few of my co-workers.

~ D. Murphy

Dear Sonia,

I would like to take the time to personally thank you for the results of my success! I am writing to let you know that I have passed the PATI on September 25th, 2013, after failing it my first time. Not only did you teach me a very easy way to approach the "tough to read" questions, you explained each one to me in great detail until I perfectly understood how you reached the answer!

I am going to recommend you to all of my friends who plan on writing this year, as you are a perfect match for understanding this type of testing. I really appreciate the professionalism that you have provided throughout all of my sessions. For those who may have any doubts about math, I can personally tell you that Sonia can solve any math problem I've encountered!

I brought Sonia the toughest math questions from my account, and she aced every single one of them!!!

Prior to meeting you, I had doubts about passing the PATI. I was intimidated by the test, and didn't think I would be able to overcome this hurdle. You have helped me reach, one step closer to my greatest dreams and aspirations.

For that, I thank you, I will never forget you, I will always recommend you, and I am going to keep in touch with you throughout my entire process!

From one person helping another,


~ Nick

Sonja creates a professional and comfortable atmosphere which helped me develop my skills towards the material I needed to learn. I was very impressed on how she possesses a wide range of knowledge in many different categories. I give Sonja credit for her efforts on helping me pass my police exam. Highly recommended.
~ S.G.

Other Students

...his teacher sent home a note saying how much his reading has improved. He went from a level 5 to level 20. He also received "The Most Improved Student" award at the end of the year. We tried other large tutoring centres as well as in-home tutoring (which was too distracting) but found that Pathway met our needs.
~ Tricia H. (mother of Michael H.) June 2014

Justin has been with Pathway Education for 8 years.  Sonja has worked with him from his ABC's up to learning how to make structured paragraphs. The one on one tutoring is the most beneficial for a child who is having some difficulties at school. Sonja has patience, dedication and the ability to make the student feel confident and at ease. This year Justin received the award for "Most Improved Student", I definitely would recommend Pathway Education to others who need a little extra help to go that extra mile.
~ Mother of Justin, June 2013

My son has only been taking the tutoring classes twice a week for the past 5 months but what a difference it has made in his confidence. I knew from the moment that I spoke to you on the phone that you would be able to help him. Now I find him reading at night where before he did not like to read his books.
~ Tami W.  (Mother of Tyler)

The school teacher was sending home notes with her homework remarking on how my granddaughter's attention span had improved.  She was putting more effort into reading and seemed to be proud of herself when she had to read out loud in class.  The positive results in such a short time are remarkable!
~ Sue M.(Grandmother of Melissa)

We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent results that we have seen with our daughter since she started her tutoring with Pathway Education Services.  Since signing her up, we have been more than pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone.
~ M.W. and J. W. (Parents of JoAnn)

Hanna now has an A average at school and because of her grades we feel that Hanna has accomplished her goal at Pathway. I would be more than pleased to provide Pathway with a letter of recommendation and speak to any prospective clients regarding the program.
~ Beth K. (Mother of Hanna)

I realized that my son needed more than a traditional tutor.  He needed someone who had intensive training.  Shortly after he started the program we noticed that his self-esteem had increased.  His teacher at school commented that he seemed to be reading much better, and his work seemed to be more legible. I am very pleased with his progress and would highly recommend the SMT program for children that are struggling with reading and writing.
~ MN, Courtice, Ontario

I'd like to take this time to thank you for working with Marci.  Her academic marks have improved from C's and D's to B's and C's since being enrolled in the Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching program.  I find her self confidence and self esteem have improved.  I am pleased with the progress made this far.  Keep up the good work.
~ Ramona M. (Mother of Marci)

The biggest thing Pathway helped me with was reading and sounding out words.  It made me feel like doing homework.
~ Patricia O. (Student at Pathway)

It did make a difference for me because I've been getting A's and B's instead of C's and D's.  My reading level improved to grade 9 level from grade 5 level. Now I read almost every day.  It's easier for me to express myself in my writing.
~ Zachary (Student at Pathway)

I found I had fewer mix-ups of b's, d's, p's, and q's.  My handwriting began to improve and my spelling was getting much better.  I have a more vivid vocabulary. I also possess the ability to break down words and understand their meanings. I hope you can help many others.
~ Dennis P. (Grade 9 student)

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